Brewers Association


The Brewers Association is committed to providing resources to both existing associations and those in the conceptual or formative stages.

You’ll find many guild-dedicated pages here on, including a helpful primer on some of the most common issues faced when first organizing a guild, resources from the most mature guilds across the nation, and an up-to-date listing of all active guilds with their contact information.

The Brewers Association currently:

  • Manages the provision of an guild exclusive email distribution list.
  • Attends 20-30 guild meetings a year to share information and gather best practices from a national perspective.
  • Conducts Capitol Hill Climbs for guild leaders and brewery representatives.
  • Assists state association efforts to beat back state excise tax increase proposals and support pro-craft legislative initiatives through our Support Your Local Brewery network and alerts.
  • Hosts national and individual guild meetings at Craft Brewers Conference, SAVOR, and Great American Beer Festival.
  • Features the state guild booths in the Support Your Local Brewery Pavilion at the Great American Beer Festival.
  • Publishes guild updates and resources regularly on,, and in The New Brewer magazine.
  • Employs the marketing firm, The Rosen Group, to work with guild leaders in order to bring positive press to guilds and their members.

These Guild Resource Pages have been built for the state guilds, with resources mainly created by the state guilds. If your guild has a useful resource you'd like to share with the rest of the nation's associations, please send it to us.

Contact Acacia Coast or Pete Johnson to find out more about how we can support your state small brewers association.

BA staff travels in 2013 to support guilds:


 Nov. 7 Ohio Craft Brewers Association Meeting Cleveland, OH
 Oct. 29 California Craft Brewers Association Meeting Davis, CA
 Sept. 29-30 Montana Brewers Association Conference Missoula, MT
 Sept. 24 Indiana Brewers Guild Meeting Indianapolis, IN
 Sept. 4 Utah Brewers Guild Meeting Salt Lake City, UT
 Aug. 12 North Dakota Formative Brewers Guild Meeting Bismark, ND
 Aug. 9 Midwest Regional Guilds Gathering Madison, WI
 Aug. 2 Midwest Regional Guilds Gathering Spokane, WA
 July 16 Illinois Craft Brewers Guild Annual Meeting Rapid City, SD
 July 10 Maine Craft Brewers Guild Annual Meeting Portland, ME
 May 31 Alabama Brewers Guild Annual Meeting Birmingham, AL
 May 18 Wyoming Formative Brewers Guild Meeting Casper, WY
 May 15 Washington D.C. Brewers Guild Meeting Washington D.C.
 May 8 California Craft Brewers Association Meeting La Jolla, CA
 Apr. 22 South Carolina Craft Brewers Guild Meeting North Charleston, SC
 Apr. 20 North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild Annual Meeting Hickory, NC
 Apr. 8 Inland Empire Brewers Guild Meeting Redlands, CA
 Mar. 28 Washington D.C. Formative Guild Meeting Washington D.C.
 Mar. 12 South Dakota Formative Brewers Guild Meeting Rapid City, SD
 Mar. 9 Hawaiian Craft Brewers Guild Meeting Kona, HI
 Mar. 2 Florida Craft Brewers Guild Annual Meeting Tampa, FL
 Feb. 25 Utah Brewers Guild Meeting Salt Lake City, UT
 Feb. 9 Texas Craft Brewers Guild Annual Meeting Garland, TX
 Jan. 19 Alaska Brewers Guild Annual Meeting Anchorage, AK
 Jan. 7-9 Michigan Brewers Guild Annual Winter Conference Kalamazoo, MI

BA staff travels in 2012 include:

 Dec. 7 Mississippi Formative Brewers Guild Meeting Ocean Springs, MS
 Dec. 6 Louisiana Brewers Guild Meeting New Orleans, LA
 Nov. 28 Oregon Brewers Guild Annual Meeting Portland, OR
 Nov. 13 Oklahoma Brewers Guild Meeting Oklahoma City, OK
 Nov. 6 Rhode Island Formative Brewers Guild Meeting Newport, RI
 Nov. 5 Connecticut Brewers Guild Meeting New Haven, CT
 Oct. 23 California Craft Brewers Association General Meeting San Leandro, CA
 Oct. 22 Georgia Brewers Guild Annual Meeting Atlanta, GA
 Oct. 12 Colorado Brewers Guild Meeting Denver, CO
 Sept. 11 GABF: National Guild Meeting + SYLB Guild Pavilion Denver, CO
 Aug. 10 Nevada Craft Brewers Association Meeting Las Vegas, NV
 July 19 Midwest Regional Guild Gathering:  WI, IA, MN, IN Guilds Madison, WI
 July 19 Illinois Craft Brewers Guild Annual Meeting Chicago, IL

You can view all of the state craft brewers association meetings that BA staff attended in 2011 and 2012 here: