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The 2013–2014 Brewers’ Resource Directory (BRD), published by the Brewers Association (BA), is a comprehensive industry reference for brewers, owners, buyers, marketers, managers, and brand managers from the worldwide brewing industry.

The 22nd edition of the BRD contains lists of U.S. breweries, international members, industry suppliers, control agencies, U.S. and international brewing associations, states brewers' guilds, professional brewing books and Internet resources.

This edition of the BRD again includes highlights of the Benchmarking and Best Practices Survey and for the first time, highlights from a comprehensive beer industry salary survey.  Results of the entire salary survey and remaining non-salary survey questions will be available in the Benchmarking and Best Practices Survey results in the Members-Only section of  These are available as an exclusive member benefit. Data posted to the website covers the additional topics that did not fit in the BRD. 

This directory is free for brewery members, allied trade members, craft beer wholesaler members, and those with The New Brewer extra accounts set up as part of those company memberships. For individual BA members, the cost is $59.00 and new members will receive their copy a few weeks after joining the BA as a company member.

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