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The New Brewer

The New Brewer

The Journal of the Brewers Association. A bimonthly publication for the professional brewing industry.

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American Craft Beer Guide

American Craft Beer Guides

The Brewers Association Guide to American Craft Beer and the American Craft Beer and Food Guide are indispensable references for anyone who loves craft beer, from novice to veteran.


The Brewers Association Guide to Starting Your Own Brewery

This guide describes how to start a brew pub or packaging brewery with success stories straight from the entrepreneurs that have pioneered America's most exciting brands.

Brewers Resource Directory

Brewers' Resource Directory

The 2011-2012 North American Brewers' Resource Directory (BRD), published by the Brewers Association, is a comprehensive industry reference for brewers...

 Beer and Books

Recommended Reading

There are many titles professional brewers keep in their library not only for reference and but also inspiration!  Here are some of the top resources for pro brewers to have at their fingertips.


Draught Quality Manual

This manual is the product of the Brewers Association's Technical Committee's efforts to improve the quality of beer dispensed to beer drinkers. Free download and online version. Printed copies available for purchase.

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