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American Craft Beer GuidesBrochures for Staff |

Brewers Association Guide to American Craft Beer: For beer-sellers or others in the trade, it can provide just the kind of knowledge and confidence needed to sell beer more effectively.

American Craft Beer and Food Guide:  Written for those in the beer and restaurant trade, the Brewers Association Guide to American Craft Beer and Food answers many of the important questions people have about beer and food. A detailed chart lists the characteristics of 28 different beer styles, and suggests appropriate dishes, cheeses and dessert pairs for all.

Craft Beer and Cheese |

Take a look at these suggestions, including adivce from experts in both the beer and food world, to help you create an enjoyable and memorable craft beer and cheese experience.

Pairing Chart |

This helpful chart can be your guide to a successful pairing from finding the right style beer for your main course, cheese and dessert to serving temperatures and glassware. Print out and share with your staff or order the complete brochure.

Craft Beer and Food Pairing Specifics |

Why Do Craft Beer and Food Work So Well Together? When you pair food and craft beer, you want to remember to pair to the 'preparation of the dish', instead of just pairing to the original protein. Learn how beer interacts with food elements such as salt, acidity, sweetness and fat.

Principles of Matching Craft Beer |

Choosing beers and foods that enhance one another requires paying attention to the gustatory qualities of each. The Brewers Association, along with several beer and food experts, has suggestions we believe will make your experiences more enjoyable and successful.

Cooking with Beer Recipes |

Visit's ever-growing recipe section for inspiration and recipes on how to showcase your brewpub's beer in a culinary way!


Create Awareness for Your Brewpub

"I personally feel brewpubs have not truly arrived until every food editor and Food Network star in the U.S. knows what a growler is and has toured their local brewpub." - Julia Herz, Craft Beer Program Director, Brewers Association

Her advice:

  • Use our media list, located in Members Only Marketing Resources to target and invite writers to your brewpub
  • Issue press releases on your new beer releases and accomplishments and post on
  • Create a statistic page tracking your growth, value of donations, number of employees, sales and factoids. Update annually.