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Market Development

The Market Development Committee was formed to develop the domestic market for craft brewers. The committee was folded under the PR & Marketing Committee as a subcommittee in 2008. In January 2009 the BA Executive Team (Rich Doyle, Nick Matt, Mark Edelson and Kim Jordan) led the initiative to spin the Market Development Committee back into a stand-alone committee.

See Chain Buyers Presentation.

Gregg DeBoever
New Belgium Brewing Company

Tommy Gannon
Sierra Nevada Brewing

Paul Gatza
Brewers Association

Julia Herz
Brewers Association

Jessica Jones
Ninkasi Brewing Company

Chris Lacey
Pelican Pub and Brewery

Fred Matt (Co-Chair)
F.X. Matt Brewing Company

Anna Nadasdy
Great Divide Brewing Co

Charlie Papazian
Brewers Association

Bob Pease
Brewers Association

Jonathan Schwartz
Harpoon Brewery

Todd Stevenson
Lagunitas Brewing Company

Rob Tod (Co-Chair)
Allagash Brewing Company

George Ward
Boston Beer Company

Bart Watson, Ph.D.
Brewers Association

Sarah White
Brewers Association

More than 4,600 members - owners, CEOs, brewers, marketers, distributors and managers have made the investment.