Brewers Association


Tomme Arthur
The Lost Abbey

Bill Butcher
Port City Brewing Co

Steve Bradt (Chair Person)
Free State Brewing

Dave Brouder
Rock Bridge Brewing Co

Fred Bueltmann
New Holland Brewing Co.

Sam Calagione
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Bill Covaleski
Victory Brewing Co.

Leslie Henderson
Lazy Magnolia Brewing Co

Nancy Johnson
Brewers Association

Mike Lawinski
FATE Brewing Co

Jeff Mendel
Left Hand Brewing Co.

Charlie Papazian
Brewers Association

Bob Pease
Brewers Association

Barnaby Struve
Three Floyds Brewing Co

The Events Committee also has a subcommittee—the Craft Brewers Conference Seminar Subcommittee with members Steve Bradt, Cheri Chastain, Jason Ebel, Paul Gatza, Ken Grossman, Leslie Henderson, Jessica Jones, John Mallett, Scott Metzger, Will Meyers, Wynne Odell, James Ottolini, Jon Schwartz, Chuck Skypeck, James Soares, Todd Stevenson, Matt Stinchfield, Chris Swersey, Jennifer Vervier, Katie Wallace, Bart Watson, Sarah White, and Mark Youngquist.

Photos © 2010 Jason E. Kaplan and Eddie Arrossi

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