Brewers Association

F.X. Matt Defense of the Small Brewing Industry Award

This award is named for the late F.X. Matt, president of the F.X. Matt Brewing Co. in Utica, N.Y., from 1980-1989, and a tireless and outspoken champion for the small brewing industry.


Nominations are open to individuals who have given aid and support to the causes of small, independent brewers, and by doing so have supported the Brewers Association's goal of vigorously defending the craft beer industry. 

Call for nominations is announced on the Brewers Association Forum and begins approximately three months before the Craft Brewers Conference.


2014 - Jester King Brewery, Austin, Texas
2013 - David Katleski, New York State Craft Brewers Guild/Empire Brewing Co
2012 - Tom McCormick, California Craft Brewers Association
2011 - Dan Kopman, St. Louis Brewery/Schlafly Beer
2010 - Steve Hindy, The Brooklyn Brewery
2009 - Eric Wallace, Left Hand Brewing Company
2008 - John Carlson, Colorado Brewers Guild
2007 - George Hancock, Pyramid Brewing Co.
2006 - Daniel Bradford, past BAA President
2005 - Marc Sorini, McDermott Will & Emery
2004 - Marc Sorini, BAA Counsel
2003 - Jim Parker, Oregon Brewers Guild
2002 - Mike McKinney, Texas Wholesalers Association
2001 - David Edgar, Past Institute for Brewing Studies Director
2000 - Fred Bowman, Portland Brewing Co.

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